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NAV /CRM Connector FP5– Part II Configuring the adapter settings for CRM

erstellt von Rene Gayer am 4. February 2011 13:28

My last post was about how to install the connector.

Today let me tell you how to configure the adapter settings for CRM Online. First of all I have to mention the user manual for the CRM connector is really very good, BUT some of the settings are regarded to US accounts, and that was one of my challenges when I tried to setup the connection to my CRM online account.

1. Sign in into CRM online and create a new user who is NOT your CRM administrator. This user has to be in Role system customizer and will be automatically assigned to a new additional role during configuration.

2. Start the CRM Connector (be sure you have an internet connection). If the adapter settings windows will not appear automatically select Microsoft CRM from the list and move on with the action “adapter settings”


3. Following the instructions in this window and inside the manual I entered the domain for CRM online and my credentials


Test settings failed …..hmm…

Starting again reading the manual found the information that the discovery service for crm online accounts can be found in sections settings – developer resources



We can see that instead of…. is used

Researching on the web: Oh! –> I found that we have different service endpoints and urls for customers depending on which region they are from so emea is usingdev.crm4…..

4. Changing the configuration and try it again


(I tried also to use a different domain name (so crm4….) and it worked too … whatever both domains are working with my user … )

5. Click “configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM “

Everything you have to know is included in the introduction window


6. Configure the settings and select your organization


7. Follow the steps by the wizard to complete the configuration for CRM Online

Tomorrow configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV and setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM



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