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NAV/CRM Connector FP5-Part III/2 Additional: Merge existing customizations to CRM4.0 – Introduction Naviwald Crmensky

erstellt von Rene Gayer am 17. March 2011 10:12

Hi all, first of all let me give you a short introduction about myself. My name is Naviwald Crmensky. I am working with the NAV/CRM connector since 7 months and already have experience with  the connector, CRM4.0 and CRM 2011. In the last weeks I supported a customer to migrate his existing data, which was already mapped between NAV and CRM with another connector, to the new connector logic.

Their I met Rene Gayer, and he asked me if I would follow up his posts about the CRM / NAV connector on this website. I liked this idea very much and so here I am.


The last post was about configuring the CRM/NAV adapter. Before going on to activate the maps let me tell you some special information about configuring the adapter when using CRM4.0 and existing customizations.

This steps are additional, but good to know if you are in the same situation like this customer.

Merge existing customizations for CRM 4.0

During the configuration of CRM the utility also imports required customization to CRM. This can require some manual steps if you have already existing customizations


What does this mean “you should apply these manually”?

The first time I heard about this Merge Tool my thoughts are “… oh no another *perfectly* merge tool”. But after working with it I saw that this is really working. So following the steps in the manual

  • 2. Export your existing customizations
  • 3. Start the command line
  • 4. Start the Merge Tool
  • 5. Get the merged customizations

Well, I should mention in this case the customer is using a lot of customizations and add ins on his account page and I was very doubtful about the result, but  WOW it seems to work?!

  • 6. Import the customizations into you CRM installation

I got an error during the import : “The label for the bases language 1031 is not set ……”

Hm, sounds like a issue with the language. My customer is using a GERMAN CRM installation…..

  • 7. Open the “merged” customizations.xml file in a editor
  • 8. Look for labels with language ID 1033


Be aware of search and replace all labels with your language ID this can result in an error “Ein Element mit dem Schlüssel wurde bereits hinzugefügt” (A element with the same key already exists)

If you are doing this it could result in another issue. when your customer is using different add-ons and some of them include labels with more than one language.

Note: Perhaps this can be an issue with other languages than German too. I only tried it with German.

9. Import the corrected customization.xml into your CRM solution




Next week the BigDays 2011are starting. There is also a session about NAV / CRM connector. Rene and I will be there. So hopefully see you next week!

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4/5/2011 9:24:29 PM #


I see you have gone through at least one nav-crm integration and I wondered if you could possibly give some advice about issues we are experiencing.

1. Line discounts from NAV don't transfer their discounts to CRM
2. When the sync is set to 45 seconds, duplicates of "existing items" show up in Orders, but the total amount is correct.
3. Shipping charges don't show up, or cause the copying to error. If the shipping charges are present, the order isn't coppied to CRM. If they aren't present, the order is copied over
4. If duplicate detection is triggered when Submitting an account, the order doesn't copy over to CRM.
5. If item Y is placed second, after item X, Y shows up in CRM as a duplicate of item X, but the total amount is correct

I understand you will probably need clarification on all of these. Please email me and I'll give you all of the information you need.

thanks for any help you can give.

David Vereinigte Staaten


5/24/2012 8:16:26 AM #

Why is it that only CRM 4.0 is mentioned in regards to merging customizations?
I have a running CRM 2011 setup with lots of customizations and when I configure the adapter setting (and thereby import the connector solution) my account form is messed up?

I am new to CRM and haven´t seen the 4.0 problems, but I wonder why it is different from the 2011?

Thanks for any help

Michael Jensen Dänemark

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